Road Rides

Join the roadies for a jaunt around our awesome quiet country roads. The pace does vary and can make for a challenging ride or just a cruise along at the back.

This is not a thrash-fest group. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can join in. We have some racing snakes too, but I try to keep them in check. I’m no racer, believe me. I’ve been called a variety of things, including Rear Admiral, and Drop Bear.

Once you join up and become an NCCC member you can access the Members only Facebook page where information is posted about weekend roadie rides. 

Thursday Night North Loburn Lap

During Daylight Savings Time only! This ride will recommence when DST returns. Date to be advised.

Meet at Pushbikes Rangiora at 6:20pm, we depart at 6.30pm sharp. This weekly ride typically follows the same 30 – 35km out-and-back route each week and has proved to be very popular with members.

This is can be a bit quicker than the Sunday no-drop rides. We have a no-drop policy on the way out, but the way back is what people want to make it. Whatever your level of fitness, it can be a fun ride back.

The group normally meets back at the Blackett Street round about at the conclusion of the ride for a quick natter session. It’s what we do, natter.

Sunday No Drop Social Ride

We meet at Pushbikes Rangiora at 9am during the shorter winter days, this will be brought forward to 8 a.m. when daylight saving comes back. Date to be advised.

This is a no-drop ride, with the faster guys let off the leash a few km from home so they can stretch their legs. The route and distance vary week to week, but typically the rides are approximately 45 – 60km in distance and always with a well-deserved coffee back in Rangiora!

To be sure, this can be a faster ride on the way home, but normally there is always a senior rider on hand to offer guidance and advice to the newer riders.

Note: The last Sunday of each month is an extended ride of 75-120km.

I really suggest you look at joining the club. It’ll give you access to the emails we use for ride planning. We have a Facebook page that the team puts fresh info up fairly regularly.

Ka kite

BTW, if you ever wonder where Wally is (as in, Where’s Wally) he rides with us occasionally. You’ll recognise his socks.