Membership 2023/2024

Membership 2023/2024

North Canterbury Cycling Club

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Get exclusive access to Ashley, Mt Thomas and Okuku

This membership runs from 1 September to 31 August the following year. Members will receive email notification at the end of the membership period to renew their membership.

Forest Permits are now incorporated with membership to members 12 years and over. The Permits expires on 31 August each year, allowing time for a new permit to be issued after re-joining subs have been paid. Members younger than 12 must be accompanied by a person 16 or over.

As part of your membership, we request you attend one track maintenance morning per year. Not much to ask? The trails don't just happen to get there by themselves!

Membership Types

  • Individual $35.00 - For individuals over 16 years old
  • Individual between 12 and 16 $10.00. Purchasing this confirms you have consent from the cardholder
  • For individuals under 12 years old. Must be purchased with an Adult Membership.
  • Couple $45.00 - 2 family members living at the same address
  • Family $55.00 - 3 or more family members living at the same address
  • Additional tag $5.00 each - this is for in case you have more than one bike. 

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What does you membership $$ go towards?

  • Access to Ashley Forest- The club pays a fee to the Forest Managers for access for each club member
  • Junior Development- We provide some financial support for junior rider so they can compete at the highest level of their sport.
  • Track Development. The club has contributed financially to the upgrade of our local tracks in Ashley Forest, Rakahuri and the Wharfedale track in Oxford. 
  • Weekly emails let you know access to the forests and other important stuff
  • 3rd Party limited liability insurance- if you burn down the forest or cause a logging truck to go awol, our insurance may cover you.