Overnighter on the Heaphy Track

Hope everyone had a good Queen's Birthday weekend. We spent some time with family in Westport and made time for an overnighter on the Heaphy Track. We were lucky to get the ride done just before the weather really turned bad that Sunday night on the coast.

We parked at the South end of the Heaphy near Karamea and rode in. It's about 18km to the Heaphy Hut with a few small, punchy climbs here and there, but still relatively flat as you follow the beach most of the way. We stayed at the Ranger's Hut (father-in-law is a DOC Ranger) right next to the Heaphy Hut. We heard some kiwi calls around 4am and went outside to investigate, hoping for a photo, but just couldn't find them. Maybe next time.

The Heaphy Hut was packed with about 19 bikes there the next morning. Heaps of people on the trail. Most people will ride the Heaphy North to South, but an out-and-back on the South end is a good way to just get out there without having to worry about transportation back to the car. And it's an easy ride.

It's a great ride. Get out there!