NCCC Track Building Guidelines

If any club members want to get involved in track building they are to contact the Track Maintenance committee member, as per the Track Building Guidelines.  To find out more about track building please email and in the subject line include: Attention: Dave Oliver, Track Building and this information will be forwarded on.

The committee definitely wants to encourage track building however, members need to go through the correct process.  Attached are the NCCC Track Building Guidelines for your info, for a PDF version of the guidelines email:


Guidelines for building trails with North Canterbury Cycling Club sanction

The North Canterbury Cycling Club (NCCC) executive committee would like to support club members with the drive to build new trails.  As long as the following steps are adhered to, we will do what we can to assist.  Therefore, NCCC would like to make it as easy as possible for members with the energy to build trails to do so.  

Club members must understand that the NCCC has approval to be in the Ashley Forest at the sanction of the land stakeholders, Rayonier.  We must follow their strict guidelines of what we are allowed and not allowed to do in the forest, failure to adhere to these guidelines could see our access revoked.  The NCCC also works in consultation with ECAN regarding track building along the Rakahuri.

Benefits of trail building with NCCC sanction include use of club equipment, as well as liability insurance.

  • The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a clear process for identifying new trails that meet the NCCC health and safety requirements as well as to ensure that trails are built in the correct manner.
  • The person leading the creation of trail must be a financial member of NCCC, must be aware of the club’s H&S requirements, and must have declared any potential conflicts of interest with other parties that could affect NCCC operations.

Identifying new trail:

  1. Contact NCCC committee to express the idea of a new trail, include:
  • Location
  • Rider demographic
  • Provide details of a B line (alternative route) when a challenging feature is being created eg. jumps, gap jumps, drop offs, rocky areas etc.
  • Trail builders names*
  • Cost
  1. Site inspection with NCCC representatives.
  • NCCC committee will discuss if they support a new trail at the following meeting.
  1. A nominated committee member of the NCCC is the single point of contactwith ECAN, Rayonier, Waimakariri District Council and any other interested parties.  
  • The nominated club member will request permission from land owner for trail to be built.  The land owner’s decision is final.

If access is granted:

  1. Prepare a budget for the trail to be built.
  • NCCC is the sole contact for funding.
  • Expenditure to be approved at committee.
  • Project income will be via NCCC bank accounts.
  1. Time frame for completion.
  2. Advise the committee of scheduled Working Bee’s.  The NCCC Committee Trail Builders must be notified when and who will be in the forest building tracks.  Working Bees will be advertised using the NCCC Members Facebook Page, calling for volunteers/helpers.
  3. Prepare progress reports as requested.  

All purchases are to be approved by the committee prior to their purchase.

  1. Lead trail builder is required to be briefed on the NCCC H&S requirements.
  • Lead trail builder must be a NCCC member for trail insurance purposes.
  • All other volunteer builders must be inducted to the site by the lead builder.

Completed trail:

  1. Advise NCCC of completion.
  2. Prior to opening the track to the NCCC members complete a trail inspection (rider safety, trail condition, any warning signage required).  Any NCCC signage to meet stakeholder’s requirements.

Non Approved Trails or Jump Building:

Anyone building tracks, trails or structures in the forest without NCCC approval not only run the risk of someone being injured but also run the risk of the club being revoked access by the landowners.  Illegal trails or jumps will be removed in consultation with the NCCC Track Developers.  Any members creating non approved trails or jumps will have their membership revoked.

If a member of the club sees anything that concerns them they should notify the club on

Any trail building undertaken by NCCC members and non-members is undertaken at the persons own risk.

NCCC can withdraw support of a trail if the above conditions are not adhered too.

Approval for applications will be discussed at committee meetings.  The decision will then be forwarded as soon as practicable, along with the relevant Health and Safety documentation.

Please note: NCCC has many kilometres of single track to maintain. As such, new trails will be carefully considered but not necessarily approved. 

As a first point of contact, feel free to email the club at: or contact the club’s nominated trail builders through the club website

 I, ___________________________, financial member of the NCCC and Lead Trail Builder agree to the NCCC Trail Building Guidelines.  I have sighted, understood, agree to and signed the North Canterbury Cycling Clubs Health & Safety requirements.

Full Name: ____________________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________Date: ____________________

Proposed new trail:

Location: Ashley Forest                           Rakahuri                

Rider demographic: __________________________________________________________

Trail builders name/s: _________________________________________________________

Cost $ _____________________  Description:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Description of new trail: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________