NCCC Road Section Newsletter 24 Oct 2017

It’s hard to believe we are on the downward trend towards Christmas, where has the year gone?

 Our Thursday night rides are starting to attract more numbers as the weather is starting to get warmer and the daylight hours longer.  I recommend if you can make this ride you should come along.  Our Sunday ride is growing in numbers having seen a great turn out every weekend so let’s keep the momentum rolling and if you have a friend please feel free to bring them along.

 Please Note: This Sunday the 29Th of October we are heading out to Rampaddock Road and I have invited Maree Roberts from Homebase who is going to bring out some of their riders to ride with North Canterbury Cycling Club.  This will be a great occasion to meet, mingle, and ride with people who we generally wouldn’t get the chance to ride with.  This will be a social ride (no drop offs) and when we get to Rampaddock Road if we decide, we will form a fast and not so fast group back to The Station for a coffee and a catch up with the riders from Homebase. I encourage all that want to come along to turn up at a slightly later time of 8.30am at Push Bikes, to allow the crew from Homebase time to make their way out to us  

Recently a few club members travelled to the South Island Masters in Nelson where we came away with about 9 medals.  The standard of competition was very good throughout the age groups, and to be honest, far more competitive than I imagined it was going to be.  All said and done it was a great weekend and congratulations to those that competed and came away with a medal or two.  Awesome work.


Road Section Meeting 

Thanks you to those that turned up for the road section meeting held at Coffee Culture.  After some good discussion we have come up with some ideas on where we would like to ride with a few suggestions including Diamond Harbour and back across on the ferry, an overnight stay on the West Coast including riding the Lake Brunner course, a day ride to Akaroa from Rangiora and the Coopers Creek double gorge punisher. 

More details to come but some exciting riding and adventures opportunities on the near horizon but at this stage pencil in the 160 km Double Gorges ride on the 11th November. 


Over Training?

This time of the year is one of the danger times for overtraining for cyclists and triathletes, you can begin to get edgy about the season beginning just a few weeks away from now, so you might load up on both mileage and intensity together which is the most common cause of overtraining.


You keep note of the following areas in your training diary you will be able to ensure you’re getting maximum returns from your training. You will also prevent simple tiredness from developing into a longer term and much worse overtraining problem.

  • Exercise response appraisal: Signs of overtraining when you probably should take a few days really easy.
  • Mood: Reduced feeling negative and irritable
  • Enthusiasm for training or racing: Poor, Not wanting to go training or racing
  • Sleep: Poor, not refreshed in the morning. Waking during the night or early morning, difficult to sleep
  • Appetite: Poor, reduced
  • Muscles: Sore, during training and racing, unable to hold efforts. Sore and tired walking up stairs.
  • Exercise Heart rate: Lower than usual for a particular effort. But the effort feels much higher than usual at this particular heart rate
  • Resting Heart Rate: Elevated by 5 beats or more above normal range over a number of days.

It’s normal to have some of these symptoms in the short term; after heavy training sessions, intensive blocks of training or races.

With balanced training and recovery these symptoms should be reduced in a matter of hours or days

See ys out there!