Ashley Forest New Trail Under Construction

There is a new trail under construction - it will be an extension of the short flow/compression track, you will see a sign indicating where the trail begins, if in the area.
All members, this is your opportunity to not only have a say on what this new trail looks like but to also get stuck in with the work on it.
Please contact the club on or message on Facebook for more info or to show your interest.
Parents, please pass on to your kids as we know there are some who are super keen to create trails. This will provide them with the opportunity to build/create within the club's track building guidelines.  It is essential that no trail building is undertaken in the Ashley Forest without the approval of the committee, failure to do so could put our relationship with the land stakeholders in jeopardy!
We look forward to hearing from you!
Organised Dig Days coming soon, keep an eye out for more info.